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Last year, for the first time, I selected a “Word of the Year.”  I’d heard many positive things about this process so I thought I’d give it a try.  But, to be honest, I wasn’t sure why I was doing it.  What was the benefit? How did it work? What was the word supposed to do?

So, I gave my “Word of the Year” a job and a purpose. It had to:

  • Resonate with me on an emotional level.
  • Anchor my daily life.
  • Provided focus.
  • Assist in setting intentions.
  • Be the core of my decision-making process.

In 2017 my word of the year was “Calm.”  Although my husband will question how effective it really was (at least to him, on an external level), I found great value in the focus word.  In moments of stress and pressure, I found great benefit in closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and thinking about just being “calm.”  It truly did provide an anchor for my daily life.

This year I’ve chosen the word “Persistence.”  According to dictionary.com, persistence is:

  1. Persisting, especially in spite of opposition, obstacles, discouragement, etc.; persevering and,
  2. Lasting or enduring tenaciously

Checking with my trusty thesaurus revealed:

  • Tenacity
  • Determination
  • Doggedness
  • Resolve
  • Diligence
  • Endurance
  • Purpose
  • Grit

It also revealed many more word that resonated with me, including stubbornness which I elected to ignore. 🙂

I have some mighty goals for this year.  All of which will require persistence in spite of opposition, enduring tenaciously, resolve, purpose and possibly a bit of stubbornness to be honest.

What’s your Word of the Year?  What one word will help you achieve your goals?

Happy New Year, everyone!

Cindy Jobs, COC, ACC

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2017 Word of The Year

I’ve never participated in the popular “word of the year” exercise, but I’ve known lots of folks that have and they find it very inspirational.  So, this year I’m giving it a go.

Picking a word was difficult for me.  There were so many words running through my head I found it hard to focus.  Wait!  Was “focus” the right word?  Nah, I’m pretty good at focusing anyway, no need to focus on focusing.  Too redundant.

One of my clients selected “process” as her word of the year.  I’m pretty good at process too, so that one didn’t resonate.

A friend and colleague selected “positive.” In her words “I feel like putting the word “positive” out there in my consciousness will help me be on the lookout for more positive and maybe I can snowball positive-phew!”  Brilliant, Monika!

I was getting pretty agitated about this whole “word of the year” thing.  “Calm down, it will come to you.”  Wait!  What?  “Calm” that was it! I could certainly benefit from more “calm” in my life!

Using my trusty thesaurus, I found “calm” was even more perfect than I imagined:

Tranquil, Peaceful, Quiet, Still, Cool, Composed, Unruffled, Serene, Relaxed, Peace, Quiet

All things I truly want to be.

So, look out 2017!  “Calm” Cindy is on her way!

Cindy Jobs

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