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Going on vacation? Then BE on vacation.

DTS 06.15.14 iPhoneSeveral of us will be heading out for a long weekend or vacation over the next couple of days.  We’ll be in the mountains, at the beach, or possibly just hanging out BBQing and having fun with family and friends.  Wherever you are or whatever you’re doing, take this time to connect with the people around you . . . not your electronic devices.

1.  Limit accessibility.  We truly don’t need to be accessible 24/7.  Unfortunately some of us have trained people that we will respond IMMEDIATELY when we receive an e-mail or text.  Unless it’s a true emergency, our response can wait until after dinner or the fireworks display.

2.  Take it IN; don’t just take pictures.  Sometimes we get so focused on making sure we “get the shot” that we don’t enjoy the experience.  How many times have you watched something from behind your iphone only to never look at the video or picture again?  Leave your iphone in your pocket or handbag and enjoy the experience.

3.  Facebook isn’t always your friend.  “Everything in moderation.”  Never has a quote rung so true.  Although Facebook is  great for sharing really cool and important stuff with our family and friends, every meal and mile of our vacation doesn’t need to go on Facebook.  Be especially cautious of tagging people without their permission, not everyone wants their lives shared with the world.

4.  Don’t, don’t, don’t let your electronic devices distract you when you are driving.  In Washington state it is currently illegal to:

  • Talk on the cell phone without a hand’s free device.
  • Operate a wireless device (including cell phones, tablets, ipads, etc.) while “operating” a motor vehicle.  Not only does this mean while driving, but also includes the time we are stopped in traffic or at a stop sign or stop light.

The cost of ignoring the law:  $124.  Not only is electronic distraction dangerous, I can think of a lot of things I’d prefer to do with $124.  New shoes, anyone?

So, when you take your summer vacation . . . BE on summer vacation.  There will be plenty of time to reconnect with your electronic device, but there may not be a better time connect with the ones you love.


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